Our company

Our story

  • 1982

    Creation of the company LFL
  • 1988

    Acquisition of LFL by Colonna
  • 1991

    LFL acquires its first Bostomatic CNC machine
  • 1994

    LFL becomes Rototechnix
  • Development of the machine park
  • 2009

    Creation of the first GapControl®
  • 2011

    Moving to Chessy
  • 2016

    Acquisition of a digital engraving machine

With nearly 40 years of experience, Rototechnix is now one of the market leader in rotary tools and stands out in particular in printing and cutting tools. The know-how and experience of its employees, combined with a fleet of state-of-the-art machinery, leads the company in constant quest for perfection. With the help of its customers, partners and major rotary machine manufacturers, Rototechnix has been able to develop new products over time and maintain its business. Its objective: to optimize its customers' production by offering quality and performance.

Based in the Paris region, about 40 km from the capital, its location facilitates shipping, reduces delivery times and guarantees 100% French products.


In our workshops...

Rototechnix is developing along a major axis, that of know-how : bringing together the best skills, find and combine the best technologies for machining, heat treatment and plasma coating and apply them to steel grades in order to produce the cutting tools best suited to your needs. From technical audit to after-sales service, our unique experience combined with our sense of service ensures you:

- a unique and tailor-made tooling
- an ever-increasing performance
- an access to innovative technologies for your future markets and for your competitiveness

Our products and services