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Over time Rototechnix has developed a perfect mastery of rotary tooling, in particular very high precision cutting cylinders, ensuring its customers :
- extreme cutting accuracy, even at very high speeds,
- unrivalled sharpness thanks to increasingly fine threads
- adaptation to all kinds of materials - from the thickest materials to the thinnest substrates and multi-layer laminates
- Increased tool life allowing the rationalisation of tool stocks and consequently the reduction of production costs


Nutritional, promotional, identification labels, coupons and vouchers etc.


Gaskets, thermal, acoustic and electrical insulation, heat sinks, fixing adhesives, UL labels etc.


Seals, sound and heat insulators, fixing adhesives etc..


Protective films, peel-off masks, high-temperature labels, electrical insulators, identification and traceability labels, QR codes and datamatrix.


Tamper-evident labels, gaskets, high-temperature labels, fixing adhesives etc..

Manufacturer of rotary machines

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Signage, traceability, storage and inventory labels, barcodes, datamatrix, QR codes etc.

Pharmaceutical and medical

Holograms, RFID tags, witness tags, Braille tags, sample labels, bandages, swabs etc.


Sealing gaskets, thermal, sound or electrical insulation, monograms, fixing adhesives, anti-vibration felts etc.

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+ A team of professionals at your service
+ 40 years of experience
+ Sharpest cylinders on the market
+ Tailor-made projects

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