The BLACK by Rototechnix
The BLACK by Rototechnix
3 October 2019

Engraved die-cutting cylinders

Engraved die-cutting cylinders

Year after year, Rototechnix has developed a perfect mastery in solid die-cutting cylinders of very high precision ensuring:

  • an unequalled cutting quality sharpness, perfectly adapted to the most flowing adhesive materials
  • an extreme cutting accuracy, even at very high speed. No liner marking...
  • a perfect adaptation to all kinds of materials: from the thickest to extremely thin supports as well as multi-layer products
  • an increased lifetime allowing the management of cutting costs and a significant decrease in non-conformities.

Our cutting cylinders are core hardened, available with different hardness levels, with or without coating as needed (higher resistance to abrasive materials, increased tool life, food or pharmaceutical compatibility).

  • D3 | standard hardness
  • D3+ | high hardness
  • D4 | very high hardness
  • Gold | Coating allowing a longer lifetime of the cutting thread
  • Black | Coating allowing a longer lifetime of the cutting thread with abrasive materials
  • Green | Non-stick coating (compatible with medical and food applications)
  • AirTX-R | Air-ejection system with central rod or axis
  • AirTX-G | Air-ejection system with flanges and side forks
  • PinTX-C | Ejection system by contact (rubber ejector or springs)

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