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Wheels & axes
3 October 2019
RTX ManoControl
The ManoControl
4 October 2019

by Rototechnix

The GREENby Rototechnix

The GREEN cylinder is an engraved die-cutting cylinder with a non-adhesive coating, especially developed to fit the food sectors' requirements. As all Rototechnix cutting cylinders, it is a solid steel cylinder perfectly suited to kiss-and through-cuttings and can be manufactured in many heights and with various cutting profiles.

See our different coatings :

  • D3 | standard hardness
  • D3+ | high hardness
  • D4 | very high hardness
  • Gold | Coating allowing a longer lifetime of the cutting thread
  • Black | Coating allowing a longer lifetime of the cutting thread with abrasive materials
  • Green | Non-stick coating (compatible with medical and food applications)
  • AirTX-R | Air-ejection system with central rod or axis
  • AirTX-G | Air-ejection system with flanges and side forks
  • PinTX-C | Ejection system by contact (rubber ejector or springs)

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